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Cold Storage Beach – 5/11/15

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April, 2015 Potpourri

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The Importance of Glass

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Rock Harbor – Orleans, MA 8/14

When the tide on the bay side of Cape Cod goes out, it goes way out. Especially at Rock Harbor. To mark the channel  trees are planted at the entrance to the harbor for fisherman to find their way into the harbor. At low tide you can walk out to these trees and see that street signs have been humorously posted on them, such as “Thickly Settled” and “Dangerous Intersection”. On a recent visit at low tide it was close to a mile to the water’s edge from the high tide mark.


All Images © 2014 Dennis Colligan

Summer Potpourri

Starry Night w/Wind Mill

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Copyright © 2014 Dennis Colligan


March of Rocks – 3/8/14

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Abstractions – January, 2014

The images below were captured using the 6×6 camera app and then processed using Decim8 and Fragment.

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Scarecrows, Mannequins and Storefronts, Oh My…

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